Andorrano Jewellers with the guarantee of more than 40 years experience, and the safest and highest professionalism in the sector, offers its gold buying services in Barcelona. In our premises you will be able to find the best prices for your gold, silver and diamonds; and always count on the advice of our qualified staff. 

Forget inexperienced companies without physical premises. In our store you will have quality care and be able to consult prices or questions related to buying gold, silver or diamonds.

Buy or sell gold, silver or diamonds in Barcelona with the safety we offer you. Be wary of false advertising or endless unknown telephone numbers. Check our unbeatable prices and find the best price guaranteed.

You can visit us, or contact us using the form on this website or call us without any commitment.

Buy gold in Barcelona

To help you sell your gold in Barcelona, Andorrano Jewellers offers 3 methods to obtain money:

  1. You can come to our store on the Avinguda del Parc 17 in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), where our specialists will value, set the price and instantly buy your gold in person.
  2. If for any reason you are unable to come, please visit our "home collection" section for information about our free collection service without any committment.
  3. If apart from selling your gold, you are interested in obtaining extra money to fund your recreational, charity, sports club events and projects or indeed own a business, please visit the "Gold Event" section and organize a gold party to receive a 10 % commission on all purchases made.

With these simple steps you can sell or buy gold at the best price in Barcelona with the comfort that Andorrano Jewellers offers. Feel free to seek advice on any questions or suggestions about buying gold. It will be a pleasure to hear from you and to solve your queries.


Buy Gold

Buy Gold with the guarantee of the best professionals in the sector with 40 years of gold buying experience and guaranteed personalized services, home valuation, etc.

Buy Silver

Our company also provides a buy silver service with the same guarantees and service that only Andorrano Jewellers offer their customers. Trust only the best professionals to obtain the best buy silver service.

Buy diamonds

Analysis of all factors is a key point when buying and selling diamonds, only a gemological certificate as issued by us will guarantee the quality of your investment in diamonds.

Sale of jewellery: turn your luxury items into money

Whoever has jewellery knows they have something which will not change in value over the years. Gold will always be gold and a diamond will always be valuable. For this reason, we can say that having jewellery at home is an investment and that money invested one day can be returned at any time if we need it.

If that is our case, it should be known that the sale of jewellery is currently a very safe operation. However, you have to make the exchange through a company providing customer security as we have said. Andorrano Jewellers has great experience in buying and selling second hand jewellery and also offers customers the best prices and many facilities.

Selling jewellery is very easy and is one of the most legitimate ways to earn money, because it involves exchanging a luxury item for money. Also, in that the jewellery does not lose value, we are not losing money as with other objects which are easily devalued. So we can say that having a gold bracelet or a diamond ring is always a safe investment and, of course, a profitable one.

The sale of jewellery has become a transaction to which many turn when they need to get money quickly. The best part is that if a time after selling the jewellery we wish to have something the same or similar, we can always buy jewellery again, knowing that the money we spend will be available if we need it. It is a very productive and intelligent philosophy that can get us out of trouble in a matter of hours.