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Investment Silver coins

After gold, silver is the most precious mineral with value. Although historically silver has preserved an important role as a precious metal, and is representative of power and wealth, it has never failed to take second place in value and history, but is one of the best investments along with gold today.

This precious mineral has many applications, highlighting jewellery and silversmiths nowadays.  Also above all due to the huge conductivity that silver provides electronic circuits with and where its use is very common, makes the price of silver a value which is susceptible to speculation by investors.

In times of little economic growth with few fruitful investment alternatives like we are facing today, gold and silver are the materials in which a lot of confidence is deposited on behalf of investors due to the stability and strength that they offer with regard to other financial products that are not as reliable or as tangible as these precious materials.

The history of silver

If we wish to talk about the price of silver we must remember that in addition to serving as an element in the manufacturing of war materials in the past its habitual use was extended to currency of exchange for making endless armour and objects, and therefore to minting coins constituting the basis of the monetary system of many countries.

Currently all buy gold stores also buy and sell silver (besides diamonds and antique coins). This type of business has increased throughout the country especially in main cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, etc.