Where buy gold?

The price of gold is currently soaring, and silver is almost at the same level. Markets continue making these precious metal assets rise as it seems they are the only investment havens that calm the investor (please forgive the repetition). Monetary stimulus is something that is currently needed and is being carried out.

Our principle motives to invest in gold

We are going to introduce you to ten reasons to invest in gold, proposing ten motives which show investing in gold is perfect.

  1. Gold is a safe investment in times of crisis, and this because it is the precious metal that sustains world economy and gives this value to each country's currency, which is why we should not doubt that it will never lose its value; it will fluctuate, but will certainly gain in value.
  2. Since 2000 it has quintupled in price, which because of the difficult crisis we are experiencing is a clear picture that the investor does not want to leave savings or investments to the variable and fluctuating form of foreign exchange or shares etc.
  3. Gold is a precious commodity and its production is at a standstill.  It is expected that in the next decade demand will increase. We only have to look at the Chinese market or the one of India which are currently dramatically increasing their demand.
  4. Gold is a rare metal and therefore we should not doubt that having this quality gold will always be difficult to lose on as it is key to the economy.
  5. It is a high liquidity investment and is not at all hard to sell and always recovers value.
  6. It is a physical and tangible non-volatile investment..
  7. Gold is an exchange currency which is internationally recognized and does not devaluate as paper money does.
  8. Investment gold is exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT) currently 21%.
  9. The demand for gold in emerging economies like China and India is increasing.
  10. Unlike paper money, gold can not be issued by the authorities nor is it subject to political party control.

For these ten compelling reasons, among many others, we can see a significant increase in the buy gold or buy silver stores and jewellers in the main cities of Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville, etc. Where diamonds, antique coins, and gold and silver bullion are also bought.