How can I buy gold safely?

While buying gold is currently one of the economic activities with the most profitable assets due to its decrease in production and extraction, you should consider some advice that will make the purchase of this metal safe, since you may have a potential dealer who will not hesitate to cheat and swindle any inexperienced buyer who has some money to invest in this precious metal.

6 pieces of advice for buying gold

  1. The first point you should consider is the company from which you will buying gold because the effectiveness of the operation in terms of profit and sales opportunities depends on quality guarantees and legality.
  2. It is preferable to obtain gold investment effectiveness with physical gold, as there are some securities allocated to a certain amount of gold, but there will never be anything better than having them on hand.
  3. At the time of purchase the purity of the gold must be clarified and you should remember that for it to be considered investment gold purity should be greater than 995 thousandths.
  4. Analyzing well the investment object will determine how to buy gold, ie.if you wish to put it in rotation quickly, it is best to buy small coins, if instead the intention is to leave it for a time, larger bullion should be purchased.
  5. Always ask for an invoice as it is the only way to legitimize ownership of the metal.
  6. To buy gold you need to know when and where to do so, for this reason you should follow the market closely and know every move it makes.