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Gold investment. Gold market

Gold has always been one of the best investments throughout history. It has long since been one of the best options to invest in, and has certain features, fundamentally its high profitability as an investment, which makes it the choice for many investors.

Physical gold investing allows investors great ease at the time of selling the product, having an accredited gemological laboratory with 40 years of experience like Andorran Jewellers ensures the purity of the gold and therefore protects your investment.

Why invest in gold?

Currently gold is the investment with higher rates of return that exists. In recent years gold has continued to grow and to offer great profitability figures to investors.

Besides investment gold is exempt from VAT and therefore has not been affected by its increase, this makes it especially interesting after tax increases of recent years.

Gold has always has been referred to as a safe haven in times of global economic crisis. Contrary to other investment alternatives, investment in gold coins, gold bullion or any gold investment format is not affected by market tensions or economic instability in countries.

Future gold investment

Global population growth and the fact that reserves of precious metals are limited make the value of gold in the future have a huge chance to continue growing the same petrol and other precious metals like silver, diamonds etc.

In fact investing in gold coins and gold bullion  is giving double-digit returns in recent years. You can find more information about buying and selling gold.