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Invest in gold, a great choice

Investing in gold has become one of the best options to have an asset that will not fail to captivate, generate different profits and increases on every penny invested. Every time you buy a piece of gold, you acquire an asset that will last forever, and increase its value over the years. Reserves of the precious metal are depleting at an accelerated pace and it is estimated that in 15 years there will no longer be sources available for gold extraction, making it one of the most financially projective assets in the world since its value depends on its scarcity.

nvest in gold, characteristics of the metal

The main feature of gold is its quality as precious metal; indeed, it is the precious metal par excellence. It is the metal that determines the value of some currencies, how the buying and selling process began and still carries on today, and all this makes it the most desired and sought metal.

Likewise, global reserves are quickly depleting, which makes it even more valuable, as this metal depends on many markets and the valuation of many assets, so the scarcer it is, the greater its value at any time.

All this added to the fact that it is a real asset that can be bought and held in your hands; make it one of the best deals. So investing in gold is really one of the best options to maintain and increase money each passing day.

Gold Price

Quality of Gold 1 gram
Quantity to receive
24K 31,90 €
22K 29,45 €
18K 22,73 €
14K 15,11 €
12K 10,56 €
9K 7,43 €
*Price valid only with confirmation by phone.