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Cost of gold

Investment gold price soars

A recent study conducted by Claude B. Erb & Campbell R. Harvey from Duke University - Fuqua School of Business and the National Bureau of Economic Research, was carried out on gold market development throughout history, and its fluctuations and global marking behaviors. Some of its fragments are shown below and give clear ideas of the current situation: (...) from the 70s to present real gold price has fluctuated sharply. The real price of gold is very high in relation to the average of 1791-2011. It is a fact that the real price of gold is very high compared to historical standards. Several reasons have been proposed to explain the price - some arguments suggest that the price of gold could go even higher. (...) Gold occupies approximately 9% of the current stock exchange capitalization and worldwide bond market. Investment gold occupies 2%. Indeed very few investors have their portfolio in gold. Increased investment in gold for portfolio diversification would lead to upward pressure on the price of gold (...). Therefore it is clear that gold is an excellent investment.

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