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Gold rate

Gold Investment is considered a safe asset, with all that it implies. One of the benefits of gold investment is that it is not subject to change or crisis, although its market value may vary, to be in possession of gold is to feel secure as it is an asset which is free of monetary or political constraints. It is therefore virtually impossible for it to lose its essential value. Investment gold also provides economic security as it is one of the least sought after common precious metals.

Other investments lack the stability provided by investment gold. The lack of control in financial markets makes paper currency more of a hindrance rather than a salvation. It is possible to buy investment gold in the form of coins, bullion or shares in aquifer mining exploitations (in the case of investment funds). Commercial versatility is certainly one of the advantages of gold investment, as the investor has several horizons opened that other assets do not have.

Another possibility of obtaining investment gold is deposit certificates. The buyer of such documents is the actual proprietor of the gold, even though he/she does not have it stored. This alternative has been developed for the benefit of many investors who have no resources (maintenance, security) to store investment gold.

However, one of the usual ways to invest in gold is through investment funds. In this case, you acquire stock certificates purchased in mining companies related to the gold sector. Another alternative are gold futures. These financial assets may be attractive for medium and small investors, but you must be aware of the respective maturities and prices, among other details.

Gold Price

Quality of Gold 1 gram
Quantity to receive
18K 24,22 €
24K 34,51 €
22K 31,61 €
14K 15,97 €
12K 11,20 €
9K 7,93 €
*Price valid only with confirmation by phone.