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Gold value. Buy investment gold

Both gold and silver have always been the most sought-after precious metals for investment. In the case of gold, buying investment gold means the guarantee of a product that does not prescribe in terms of value, it outlives monetary disasters and however many economic crises modern societies experience. Today, buying investment gold makes it possible to invest in a particularly interesting asset in times of financial instability. Gold investment coins, for example, are the only coins that are not supervised by any government agency.

Buying investment gold allows citizens to obtain a safer haven, a tangible asset that does not lose value against paper money. Other alternatives for the investor, such as bonds, can be subject to the same instability as paper money. Instead, investing in gold has proven to be the best choice not only during this last economic crisis, but for thousands of years. The intrinsic value of gold makes it desirable for investors seeking the safety of a virtually indelible material, a versatile material, which for the investor, is mainly in the form of bullion and coins.

Choosing to buy gold investment coins or bullion depends mainly on the financial possibilities of the investor. We usually recommend investing in gold coins for several reasons. One of them is that it is nearly impossible to counterfeit such coins. Their unique minting, measurements and weight are easy to quantify guaranteeing a successful investment. In addition, the versatility of coins makes buying investment gold an affordable task for many people in various parts of the world. Currencies such as the Krugerrand or the Philharmonic are pursued by investors who not only want the secure value of gold, but the safeguarding of some coins that are appreciated for their uniqueness, history and characteristics.

Gold Price

Quality of Gold 1 gram
Quantity to receive
18K 24,23 €
24K 34,53 €
22K 31,63 €
14K 15,98 €
12K 11,21 €
9K 7,93 €
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