The diamond is a stone which has drawn the attention of many for years and is presented as a safe value. This exceptional mineral of great beauty, is a new form of investment.Buying and selling diamonds is incorporated in our society and is standing strong.

The act of buying diamonds, gives us future security. Diamonds do not lose their value despite the passing years. Therefore, many people are choosing to invest their money in buying this gem that in years to come, may be sold in an easy and secure way. If your financial situation is not going through a good time, you can also choose to sell diamonds, which will bring you a significant amount of money.

Buy sell diamonds. Quotations and prices of diamonds

The purchase and sale of diamonds is performed by taking into account four implicit factors when selecting these precious stones: carats, colour, clarity and cut. Diamond valuing is made from these so-called "4Cs" (Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut). Normally, we proceed to create a gemological certificate confirming the quality of your diamond.

However if you have no knowledge about this matter, you could feel cheated, so it is recommended to go to a trusted jeweller. At Andorrano Jewellers, we offer personalized service and treatment. The purchase and sale of diamonds is done face to face and with the guarantee that your diamonds are valued by an experienced gemologist. Do not hesitate if you have to buy or sell diamonds, the best option is Andorrano Jewellers.