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Krugerrand 1 oz Varied Years. Immediate delivery

Krugerrand 1 Oz Años Varios
Krugerrand from South Africa in circulation.
917/1000 33.93 grams
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Features of the Coin

South Africa
1 oz


In our shop you can buy the high quality Krugerrand coin with all of the guarantees Andorrano Joyería offers its clients. The Krugerrand coin is a South African gold coin minted for the first time in 1967. It was the first gold coin to contain exactly one ounce of fine gold. The coins name is due to the face which appears on the reverse side of Paul Kruger, the president of the South African Republic of the beginning of the 20th century.

Buying Krugerrand coin means you are purchasing an asset of great value, a relic and an investment that doesn’t lose value over the years. It is one of the most valuable gold coins in the world. It weighs 33.93 grams.
You will receive your Krugerrand coin 48 hours after ordering it!