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Querétaro 2 stage Proof 1 oz

Moneda Querétaro 2 Fase Proof 1 OzQuerétaro Plata
Price :
40,00 €
1 oz Mexican silver coin
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Features of the Coin

1 oz

The name "ESTADO DE QUERÉTARO ARTEAGA" (STATE OF QUERÉTARO ARTEAGA) appears in the upper part of the semicircle; the centre shows the aqueduct of Querétaro and the façade of the church of Santa Rosa de Viterbo; on the bottom of the coin the word “Acueducto” (Aqueduct) appears with a rosette and the name “Santa Rosa de Viterbo”.

The coin comes in a special cardboard box containing a certificate with information about the state: the origin of its name, when it was founded, its coat of arms, geographical location, and general tourist information.