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100 coins of 12 euros

Lote 100 Monedas 12 €uros
12,50 €
Volume pricing
Quantity Unit price
De 1 a 499 13,00 €
De 500 a 999 12,75 €
1000 or more 12,50 €
Delivery in 24-48 Hours
€12 coins of legal tender in Spain (approximately 2000 pesetas). 16.65 grams of silver. Varied years. With or without plastic. Limited units. Availability not guaranteed, please call in advance. VAT INCLUDED
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Features of the Coin

Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda
16,65 gr

For those of you who want to purchase Spanish silver coins, this batch is a must have! It consists of 100 silver 12 euro coins of legal tender. They are minted in Spain and have a face value that is below the market value because they are desirable to collectors around the world. Furthermore, these coins make a good investment because, just like gold, silver is currently booming.

This batch is consists of coins from different years and with different amounts. The face value is the same but there may be both 2000 peseta and €12 coins, due to the change of currency in Spain.