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Best silver price

Due to its chemical composition silver is a metal that is less dense than gold, but the methods to check if silver is authentic or not are similar for both metals. This precious metal also has a unique smell and silver experts working with it regularly can usually recognize if it is silver by only proceeding to smell the metal.

For private investors, the most important thing is to know your investment needs to buy and invest in silver coins or bullion that best meet your requirements. The basic features that are important to know are: the edition, year of issue, dimensions, the design of the coin or bullion, the silver content or purity and alloy type. Alloys have been made from silver coins with copper to harden the coins and make them more resistant to scratches for many years and they continue to be made.

Knowing the data we have mentioned on authentic coins we can easily detect false ones. Normally silver coins are difficult to counterfeit and knowing the technical characteristics of a coin is usually sufficient. Silver has the advantage of being less expensive than gold and thus it is much less attractive to forge quality silver coins (primarily weighing below 200 grams). Although in recent times silver is still a safe haven of high quality.

We often see the purchasing and sale of gold and silver coins in buy gold and buy silver stores to be found in all major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, etc. Besides trading in antique coins, the purchase and sale of gold and silver bullion jewellery and other precious metals is also common.

Silver Price

1-5 Kg 5-10 Kg 10 Kg or more
800 thousandths 232€/k 247€/k 261€/k
900 thousandths 261€/k 278€/k 294€/k
925 thousandths 270€/k 286€/k 303€/k
999 thousandths 336€/k 356€/k 376€/k