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Silver Value

If investing in gold provides a safety cushion in times of financial crises and sharp financial fluctuations, silver investment seems to be even more profitable than gold lately. As evidenced in studies on markets in 2013, investment demand from the industrial sector has led to silver being revalued. For many investors, silver investment is more affordable than gold and substantial benefits can be achieved.

Silver investment finds an especially attractive alternative in silver coins. Silver investment coins, such as the American Eagle, enjoy growing success, breaking sales records, according to information from institutions like the United States Mint.

Silver Bullion or investment silver is offered in both bullion and coins and is lacking any connection with numismatics. It is physical silver and its value coincides almost 100% with the price of silver in the world market and the term “spot value" refers to the price set by the market. In this regard, experts’ advice is to purchase investment silver which has a price that is near to the “spot value” of the moment. The troy ounce is another common concept in the purchase and sale market for silver, the price is valued according to troy ounces (31.1 g).

On the other hand, investing in silver requires some knowledge for the transaction to be successful. The purity of this metal is important at the time of commercializing it. The weight of Silver Bullion coins is secondary for such purposes, and contains a high percentage of pure silver that we do need to know the weight of. Both this and other considerations have to be carefully taken into account when negotiating with investment silver.

Silver Price

1-5 Kg 5-10 Kg 10 Kg or more
800 thousandths 220€/k 233€/k 247€/k
900 thousandths 247€/k 262€/k 278€/k
925 thousandths 255€/k 271€/k 286€/k
999 thousandths 318€/k 336€/k 355€/k